2 Year Ceramic Coating Detail

From £495

If you’re really serious about protecting your prized asset and you want to make sure its protection will last, why not go for our 2 Year Ceramic Coating Detail. It’s the protective coating that serious car enthusiasts are all talking about and in our view it really is outstanding.

• All wheels cleaned with a non-acid wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.
• Tar remover applied to all wheels to remove all baked-on tar deposits.
• Wheels and lower body panels treated with a quality fallout remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.
• Power rinse to remove all dirt and grime.
• Wheel arches, lower sills, door shuts, boot and engine bay sprayed with a citrus degreaser to remove dirt and grime.
• Engine and engine bay cleaned if required and if safe to do so. We’ll advise on request.
• Power Rinse to remove the dirt.
• Pre-wash snow foam bath applied to the car with a safe foaming PH neutral snow foam via a foam lance for best results.
• Power rinse to remove the foam covering.
• Safe 2 bucket and grate washing system used with a quality PH neutral foaming shampoo and a lambswool wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.
• Power rinse to remove the foaming shampoo.
• Decontaminate all surfaces to remove bonded contamination from paintwork with a mild clay bar or clay lube to remove embedded contaminants.
• Power Rinse.
• Hand dried using a microfibre drying towel to ensure a safe, scratch less dry finish.
• Paintwork checked under lighting for optimum cleaning and polishing.
• A paint depth gauge will be used to check paint readings and will be monitored through the cutting process.
• The car will be masked up using our detailing masking tape.
• Stage one of the cutting process is carried out to remove swirl marks, paint defects, marring and fine scratches from the paint surface leaving a clean and gloss finish ready for stage 2 refinement.
• Stage two is the refinement process, carried out ensuring a crisp, clean, and corrected gloss finish ready for the Ceramic Coating.
• All tyre surfaces treated with a tyre gloss to give a desired high gloss or satin protected finish.
• All wheel arches dressed with a specialist dressing to give that new look.
• All exterior trim surfaces conditioned and protected/dressed with a trim dressing.
• All chrome and stainless-steel surfaces cleaned and polished with a metal polish.

Glass Ceramic Coating is just an additional £60.
Wheel Ceramic Coating is just an additional £120.