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About us

Stealth Detailing were born out of a passion for all things motorised and an absolute obsession for vehicle detailing perfection. For owners who share the same passion for the art and beauty of cars as much as we do. It’s this passion that inspires us to create some of the most beautifully detailed vehicles in the detailing industry. We visit customers at their homes or businesses to offer a full range of detailing and paint correction packages to suit our clients’ needs, and we do so with unparalleled quality, pride, and professionalism. We are Angelwax approved detailers and are extremely proud to use these pioneering products in all stages of our details as we believe their products are the very best in class.

We work on a limited number of cars so that we can give each vehicle the attention it deserves and fully focus on each customer’s specific needs. As perfectionists, we believe this approach allows us to dedicate the time required to create the most beautifully prepared vehicle. The boutique level of service and skill that Stealth Detailing provide, simply cannot be achieved by volume-based detailers and the results we are able to achieve are truly awe-inspiring, seeing many of our customers return to us year on year. So, whatever your vehicle, if you cherish it, appreciate it, and understand the value of a professional detail, please contact us today so that we can transform your pride and joy.

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