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5 Year Graphene Ceramic Coating Detail

Think of this as the A** of ceramic coatings. If there is a better one out there, we’re not aware of it. The Nebula 5-year Graphene Ceramic Coating by Angelwax is a state-of-the-art ceramic coating that has been researched, developed, and manufactured at their UK based laboratory. This super durable professional use coating will last up to five years and will leave the treated surface with a super wet look finish. Nebula will also resist water spotting and has been formulated to be very low maintenance with less surface contact required when drying.


All wheels cleaned with a non-acid wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.

Tar remover applied to all wheels to remove all baked-on tar deposits.

Wheels and lower body panels treated with fallout remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.

Power rinse 1.

Wheel arches, lower sills, door shuts, boot and engine bay sprayed with a heavy dirt remover to clear dirt and grime.

Power rinse 2.

Pre-wash snow foam bath applied to the car with a safe foaming PH neutral snow foam via a foam lance.

Power rinse 3.

Safe 2 bucket and grit guard washing system used with a premium PH neutral shampoo and a lambs wool wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.

Power rinse 4.

Decontaminate all surfaces including paintwork, glass and alloy wheels to remove bonded contamination with a mild clay bar.

Power rinse 5.

Hand dried using a 1500gsm microfibre drying towel to ensure a safe, scratchless dry finish.

Paintwork checked under lighting for optimum cleaning and polishing.

All paintwork measured with a NexDiag PTG paint depth gauge to check paint readings prior to machine correction. (This will be monitored throughout the cutting process).

Car masked up using detailing masking tape.

Stage one of the cutting process is carried out to remove swirl marks, paint defects, marring and fine scratches from the paint surface leaving a clean and gloss finish ready for stage 2 refinement.

Stage two is the refinement process, carried out ensuring a crisp, clean, and corrected gloss finish ready for the ceramic coating.

All tyre surfaces treated with a tyre dressing to give a satin protected finish.

All wheel arches dressed with a specialist dressing to give that new look.

All exterior trim surfaces conditioned and protected/dressed with a trim dressing.

All chrome and stainless-steel surfaces cleaned and polished with a metal polish.


4 Days


5 Years


Ceramic Paint Coating


Ceramic Glass Protection £60.
Ceramic Wheel Protection £160.


From £1600

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