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Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating

The appearance of your alloy wheels can really make or break the appearance of your car. They're expensive to replace or repair, and they probably take more punishment than any other area of your car. So it makes real sense to get them properly protected with our incredible Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating.


Wheels safely removed from vehicle.

Wheels decontaminated thoroughly including barrels and behind spokes using a strong Iron Remover to remove road dirt or any embedded contamination.

Tar & Glue Remover used to remove any embedded road tar.

Hand washed using a PH Neutral Shampoo.

Wiped down with degreaser prior to coating.

Ceramic coating applied to each wheel including barrels and behind spokes.

Wheels refitted using a Torque Wrench to the exact manufacturer specified settings.

Brake Calipers also coated (if painted) at no additional cost.


1 Day


5 Years


Ceramic Wheel Coating




From £160 (Depending on wheel size)

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